Kimani Reid — Character Designer and Illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY

Commissions and Product

personal projects, prints, comissions

A variety of Illustrations. Mixed media and digital pieces, some were commissioned and others were personal projects sold as prints, stickers, and pins.

ForPurchase online and commission RoleIllustrator and Graphic Designer

Mixed Media. Sticker/Pin Design.

Mixed Media. Sticker/Pin Design.

Mixed Media. Sticker/Pin Design.

The A&M Podcast. Self Portrait commission.

Mixed Media. New self portrait.

Mixed Media. New self portrait 2.

Procreate. Sticker Design

Mixed Media. Sp-404 Sticker Design.

Mixed Media. Portrait of a model.

Mixed Media. Unused illustration for a voyeurism gallery show.

Digital Illustration. Father doesn’t know best.

Story teller (flyer complete).

J Dilla Donuts Sticker

Sticker Sheet

Digital. Color Study Peach.

Digital. Color Study Blue.